Friday, June 1, 2007

Back of My neck Feelin' Dirty and Gritty

Summer has arrived. It is hot and humid as only Chicago can be. This of course is subject to change, as only Chicago can be. I will be going to an even more humid place next week. St. Louis, where I grew up. So, much of today was spent running around to achive this trip. Train station, the need for a shirt (which some how turned into three of 'em) and a guest gift for the ones putting me up for the weekend. Oh, and lunch with my mother. Chicken salad, in the courtyard at the Art Institute. Did I mention it's hot here right now? I was sweating before I got five blocks. I was positivley wilted by the time I got home. And I still have to bake a cake for my step-father. It's his birthday. I am told that he doesn't want the world to know how old he is.

--Little Bird is sorely tempted

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