Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I feel lucky

Ok, I have now seen one of Mother Nature's more amazing sights. Yesterday there was a HUGE thunderstorm here. And I do mean huge, think 7 inches of rain, accumulating on Lakeshore Drive... in 15 minutes. Anyway, I was just sitting around surfing the 'net (on an un-plugged laptop - no frying computers for me!) and I heard three very loud cracks of thunder in very quick succession. I made it out to the living room in time to see lightning hit the lake. In the Harbor. I. Saw. Where. The. Lightning. Terminated.... Twice. It was a scarey sight. The best I can figure is that the three cracks of thunder was actually lightning jumping from and hitting several buildings. Not mine thank god.
Funnily enough, when I got up to go to the farmers market yesterday it felt like rain. The sun was shining, it was swelteringly hot, but it was gonna rain. And rain it did. It rained for hours. Most of that being heavy downpour. And more is expected today. Fun, fun, fun!
Oh, I also found a web-site dedicated to one of my favorite authors, Melanie Rawn. The site is called Exiles, also the title of the first instalment of a series. If I knew how to make that a link I would have.

--Little Bird has seen the light(ning)

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