Monday, August 6, 2007

burnt nose hairs

There is sort of a science experiment going on at the bar. We have maybe 16 cases of beer that is over 2 years old. Maybe I should be clearer. That beer is Old Style. We have a customer who wants to buy it. We wouldn't let him buy all of it 'till he had a couple and then called us to let us know that he is still alive. He hasn't called. I'm sure he's fine, he's a fireman. He'll come in on Wednesday, wanting to pick up what's left. If he remembers that we have more. He was kinda drunk.
When we opened a bottle (cautiously) for him he poured a little into a glass for us (Ginger and I) to see that it wasn't all that bad. It was that bad. I did not actually taste it, I sniffed it. It burned my nose hairs. Maybe we should call that customer. Hmmmm.

---Little Bird is blinding you with science

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ginger said...

I so want to ask him out so he'd throw mw over his sholder and carry me around.

I'm such an old fashion'd type of girl.