Thursday, August 2, 2007

Drunk Posting

This will be the equivilent of drunk dialing. Except I am not really all that drunk. Remember, I work in a bar. At least now I do. This means I get home late (for me) and when I do, I smell of bar. Eau d'Bar. That aromatic blend of stale cigarettes, stale beer, and some un-definable wiff of something less than pleasant. I don't really want to know just what that wiff is. Tonight's crowd was fun, not that 10 people constitute a crowd, but I had fun. We have two new regulars, J & J, they will know it's them I speak of. I am sooooo glad that they have become regulars. Any one who can get my obscure jokes is ok in my book. Yes, I joke IRL, but scarcasm just doesn't translate into print all that well.
Ummm... I think that judging by the amount of times I have had to use the "delete" key (and all the times I should have but missed it) maybe it IS time to put myself to bed. By the way, that last sentence got 5 deletes, this one 2. G'night!

--Little Bird has had enough


ginger said...

what, stale beer. Least you mention the Old Style.

little bird said...

Stale beer does not burn your nose hairs away. Stale Old Style does. The Zubrowka didn't even smell as bad as the stale Old Style. Now that must say something.

ginger said...

I don't even know if Adam is alive. I should have checked the obituary's.