Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm Sorry

I admit it. I am lame. I have not posted in quite awhile. For this I appolgize. It's not that anything particularly interesting happened. Something that might keep me from sitting in front of my computer and typing. Unless you count bone-weary tiredness. Because there has been a lot of that.
So let's see, what HAS happened since last post. I went to IKEA, and spent $40 dollars on basicly useless stuff. The bar had a fantasticaly rockin night, after which walking was painful to the extreme. My mother and I bought a Scrabble game and THREE books related to Scrabble (yes, as a matter of fact we ARE dorks). A very scarey guy came into the bar. Other than that it's been just regular old life.
Ok, what is it with the trixies? For those of you who don't know, or use the Little Bird to English Dictionary, a trixie is a person of the female persuasion who persists in dressing like a hooker but is not in fact a hooker. Also a trixie has the average IQ of a fruit fly. Or maybe a really bright chunk of granite. My area of town is filled with them. And they seem to come in all ages. The most recent and notable trixie was spotted at a resuraunt with her boyfriend and the boyfriends two VERY young boys. For this familial outing she chose to wear super-short-shorts, a leopard print painted-on-looking tank top, and strappy sandals with a four inch spike heel. Also? Roughly 8 pounds of makeup. And by the way, by super short shorts I mean WAY short. As in I've seen boxers that covered more. Short to the point that she probably had to make sure that her wax-job was recent enough. There were a few other trixies at this resturaunt, one in a fedora, and again way to much makeup. This one was at least wearing pants. Although they were white pants, and just barely opaque.
I still want that brick, but I think he knows.

--Little Bird is the epitome of dorkitude (sometimes)

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