Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Hazards of LSD

I happen to live near a particulary dangerous stretch of Lake Shore Drive. As evidenced by tonights (this VERY early mornings) single car accident. It was an SUV. The people inside said SUV were fairly drunk. Or at least appeared to be (entering here the fact that there were SEVERAL broken Corona bottles and a cardboard Corona 12-pack container) drunk. One of the occupants of this vehicle was removed BY THE OTHER OCCUPANTS by her ankles!!!!!! Yes, I made sure that the police and the EMTs knew this. I have no idea how this accident came to be but the SUV was UPSIDEDOWN people. I heard the (prolonged) crash, ran to my living room, grabbed the binoculars that are there (for just that reason) and saw the underside of a large vehicle. I called 911, told 'em what I was seeing and ran outside to see if I could help in any way. To my credit I tried to stop them from yanking her out of the car. She could have been hurt even more by such rough handling. A few of us tried to get her to lie down, as she could have been seriously injured. She wouldn't lie down and several of the other occupants were running about screaming (not really holding that against them, I'd probably be pretty vocal myself in their place) and four of them dissappeared down a side street. They showed up again but as observers, not participants. Many other people saw this happen and they were quickly rounded up and questioned. One person was taken away by ambulance, and at least two others by police.
I would like to point out that this is a TUESDAY NIGHT/ WEDNESDAY MORNING. This is not Friday or Saturday. AND it was/is not raining. When it rains, there are accidents. There really is no "maybe" about this statement. One day I counted FIVE seperate accidents. Each one was about one hour after the one before it. Please, when driving on the LSD, don't try to take it at 85 mph. You might be able to do it on the video game "Grand Theft Auto" but you really can't do it in real life.

--Little Bird has made her public announcement

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