Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Borings, I Have It

Hello there. What? The title? I have spent waaaayyyyy too long at looking at funny pictures. Yeah, we know, I'm a dork. This much has been known for awhile.
I got my parents their anniversary (spelling is bad, I know) present. A little late. But, nontheless I gave them something that they will use for a year. A membership to a museum. I think they like it, they're very art savvy.
I have no other news. None. There is nothing going on right now. Pleh.
I am however looking forward to the upcoming holliday. If it can be called a holliday. Whatever, I don't care. I get to dress up. It's my favorite time of the year. The fall leaves, the fall smells. The hordes of people in costume, some good, most bad.
The bar is having a costume contest, for customers only. I don't get to compete, but I DO get to dress up so it's all good.
Just sitting around waiting for the 31st.

--Little Bird is .........waiting.


Garnet said...

Hey! I found it, finally...*grins* Now i shal leave thought provoking comments to all yer interesting blog entries. An' yes, this is who ye think it is!

Garnet said...

I've finished reading all yer blog entries...the most shocking thing was to discover that 'ginger' also uses "'rents" as an abbreviation for parents...i thought i was the only one!