Tuesday, October 9, 2007

In need of a brick

So, my moms birthday is coming up. I am cooking dinner for her. And buying wine. Her favorite dish is Bolognese, so that's what we're having. I refuse to buy her favorite wine. Her favorite is nasty. I'll get her one that WE ALL like. To make up for not getting her favorite, I'll buy two bottles. Maybe three.

Work has been good. That's really all that can be said about that. Except maybe my ability to get in a good slam has improved. Especialy since I 've taken to delivering these slams in a near deadpan. It's been kinda fun like that. And yes, these are the customers who are on the recieving end of this abuse. Before you get up in arms about this, they love it. If they didn't they wouldn't keep coming back. Two and three times a week. One of them, in a joking manner asked my boss (Ginger) if she knew how many times I had insulted him- just that night. Her response was that was what they paid me for. He started laughing. He's been back a few times since then.

I also have a fun debate going over myspace with a family member. Oddly enough we kinda sorta agree. Sorta. I believe at this point it's a matter of syntax. Or deffintions.

And I need that brick. I just don't know if he would know what it meant. Maybe I should write the web address to this site with the directions to go into the archives to look up that post. Or maybe just the url for that post. Hmmm... that's not such a bad idea.

---Little Bird is on a roll


Garnet said...

Happy B-day to yer mother!

On the subject of bricks...make it a large gold one, with a slice of lemon wrapped around it.

little bird said...

uh, what? I'm thinking of how to put this in front of him at the bar.

Garnet said...

Sorry...literary reference....Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...."the effects of the pan-galactic gargle blaster can be likened to 'aving yer brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick"

little bird said...

That would be one that I read about oh, 15 plus years ago. The only thing I remember is that 42 is the meaning of life. Or maybe that was 43. But that's all I got.

Garnet said...

*hands ye a brick*

Use it well, lass

ginger said...

I don't think you need a brick this time !!!!