Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anger and Betrayal

Those big contented smiles from last post? Gone. So far gone it's almost funny.
I walked into another bar last night, after I got off work. I saw The Guy. Talking to another girl. That in and of itself is not so bad, it was a bar after all. The fact that she asked me (while he was in the bathroom) about him (like she wanted to date him)? That kinda bugged me so I let it be known that I was "dating" him. And then when when I went to the bathroom 2 beers later I come back to them kissing. That pissed me off. I had asked TG if he would order a beer for me before I left for the bathroom and left $5 for it. I asked him when I got back to where they were sitting if he had ordered the drink yet. He said no so I responded with a "don't bother then". I went out side to call up a cab and couldn't get a hold of the cabbie I know. So I had to go back in and they were STILL KISSING. I walked over to another side of the bar and asked the bartender for a beer and to turn on the taxi light. I stood by the door and drank my beer waiting for the taxi not 10 feet from the "happy couple" while they played tonsil hockey at the end of the bar.
I was a weepy mess in the cab on the way home, and the cab driver was really nice. At least he told me what any one would tell a crying girl who just went through what I did.
The only good thing about tonight is I get to dress up in costume and abuse drunk people. In a nice way. It's the bar's costume party tonight. Anyone who shows up sans costume must wear a crown from Burger King circa Backstreet Boys or the crown with the Telletubbies. Ok, so maybe an evil grin.

--Little Bird trying for calm

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Garnet said...

Sorry lass...dinna despair, if ye please, there're still some real men out there.

...real men, that is, instead of immature jags in a mature male's body.