Saturday, April 21, 2007

Apples, apples everywhere

Ok, so I live in Chicago, a large city. One expects to see all kinds of weirdness in a city this size. But some days are weirder than others. Last summer while walking I saw: two adult and sane looking women lying on the sidewalk having a conversation. Lying on their backs mind you. On the sidewalk! Later that same day in the park the firemen were hosing down trees for no apparent reason, there was no fire. And their test site is not in the park. Lastly on that strange strange day there was a large fiberglass orange spotted cow being pulled down the street. See? Weirdness. So yesterday I shouldn't have been too weirded out by what I saw. Apples. Under bushes. In yards. In fountains. Perfectly good apples. No bites taken out, no bruising (I think, I didn't get too close). One apple I could understand, some one dropped it when walking home from the store, sure I get that. But in the middle of a hedged in yard, far from the sidewalks? An apartment yard no less, the kind you aren't allowed to walk around in. In fountains? I sort of wondered if someone did it on purpose just to see if anyone noticed them. How they would know that anyone noticed them is not something I figured out yet.
--Little Bird


ginger said...

Women lying on sidewalk: Preformance art.
Fireman: Watering the trees.
Cow: It was moving day.
Apples: Gorrilia Art

Problem Solved !!!!!!

little bird said...

ha!! doubtful except for the gorilla art. Oddly it was the firemen that really threw me, not the cow.
--little bird

ginger said...

Fireman make me do a double take all the time !!!!!!