Monday, April 23, 2007

Blah blah blah

So far today has been blah. I walked 4 and a half miles and will end up walking 3 more. Yes, I am doing it on purpose. I may be crazy. I'm watching bad TV. Mainly because there is nothing to do. I work for my folks and they have nothing for me to do today. I should probably explain a few things.
I have neurofibromatosis (say THAT five times fast). And NF causes a whole host of issues. I have tumors (little ones and benign) and spots. I have a non-verbal learning disability. For those who may want to say I don't sound like I have a learning disability, go look up a non-verbal learning disability. Because of the NLD (that's the learning disability) I have a problem with employment. Keeping it that is. This is why I work for my folks. This also means I have no health insurance. I am un-coverable. Good times. The up-shot is I have lots of time to walk 7 miles and watch bad TV. I come of soundig flip about it, but that's sort of how I deal with it. If I didn't laugh about it, I'd cry a lot.
--little bird

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ginger said...

You know this, I'm in the same class of boat workwise, you know working for the 'rents. I spend my down time sleeping and watching bad tv.

I laugh too, and over analyze. But hey, that's how I roll.