Saturday, April 28, 2007


He was supposed to arrive yesterday evening. He did not. I can deal with the idea that he's just not that into me. What bugs me is the lack of balls. He couldn't even call to make an excuse. Oh well, his loss. I looked great yesterday evening. Before I went to the bar and comenced to drink until they closed. I was a little bitter. Still am. I guess it's better to know what I know now instead of being strung along for longer. To be honest I don't know yet if I'm angry or if I'm sad. If I had to say what I am right this moment I'd have to say I'm both.
The way I've chosen to look at this is to say that now I can focus on my own life again. I can go out and have fun. I can date any guy I choose. I have decided to pamper myself with hot baths, perfume, and other such girly things. Like wine! I am drinking right now, and soon I will take a looonnnng, hot, lilac scented bath. Just thinking about it is relaxing.

Little Bird is going to be ok