Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ok, after yesterday's post I got to thinking. You see, a little over a month ago I met this guy. On a train. A very attractive guy. And we have carried on a phone "relationship", and no not in the "dirty" sense. I really like this guy. We'll call him Hot Train Guy or HTG for the sake of simplicity. Any way HTG knows that I have a neurological condition. And that that condition precludes me from having children. And that is all he knows. I didn't tell him about the tumors or the spots. Ahould I have? Am I setting myself up for heartbreak?
In the past I have been pretty up-front about it. Usually mentioning it the first time I meet someone (which could explain why I haven't dated in well over a year). But this time it seemed like the topic didn't really come up on the train. And never did on the phone or in e-mails either. I don't want him to think I was hiding it, or attempting to trick him, it just never really came up. And now I'm a little afraid that he'll be disgusted or feel duped.
He's visiting this Friday. He'll be here 'till Sunday early afternoon. He will definitely see the tumors. I can't exactly say "Oh, by the way, before you get here there's something you should know..." or "Oh, before we hop into this bed you should probably know this thing about me...." AAAARRRGGG!!!!

Little Bird is soooo confused

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ginger said...

Calm your expectations and see where the weekend goes?

Nah, I can't even kid myself to do that.

At this point, whatever happens, happens.